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Julie Logan RN LCSW

Julie Logan


Julie Logan has been the owner of Logan Health and Healing Center since established in 2006. I enjoy working with individuals that are ready to do something different. Often a person gets stuck in feeling the insanity of doing the same thing over and over again waiting for things to change. Only by making a change in your behavior can you expect a different outcome, some people need support to make a change that is lasting.

I provide a supportive, accepting environment in which my clients are encouraged to move through emotions, learn positive coping techniques and learn to embrace joy and happiness by living in the moment. I use a variety of methods based upon the needs of the client.

I lead by example. I am a real person that continues to travel this journey called life. I have personally tried and succeeded in using many therapeutic modalities with a variety of individuals. I treat each person as an individual and focus on thriving rather than just surviving.